Saturday night at the 34th annual Michigan Emmy Awards

I am honored to announce that "Our Vietnam Generation" had been awarded a Michigan Emmy this past Saturday at the 34th annual Michigan Emmy Awards celebration. We were selected for "Best Historical Documentary" for 2011 in Michigan. I am overjoyed that the Vietnam veterans stories were shared and recognized with such a high degree of respect. Its very important that I once again thank all of our supporters, but especially Mr. Bob Gillette, founder of American House Senior Living Centers. Without Bob and his deep passion for the veterans of Michigan, we could have never finished this film or hosted the 3200 guest premiere that we did at the FOX Theatre last January.

I was also truly lucky to have by my side on stage retired Brigadier General John Kulhavi. A special thank you to my Editors Nick Hryck and Joe Grant who spent countless hours dedicated to this story. Also a thank you to Matt
Friedman and his team at Tanner Friedman for all of their passion and dedication to helping build awareness of this film for the Vietnam veterans and for "One Soldier's Story". Last but not least, Detroit Public TV, Mr. Rich Homberg, and Fred Nahhat for believing that now was the time to tell this story.

Also attending the Emmy's that evening was MSG. Jeff Rector, who is featured in the film along with General Kulhavi. Although we did not win for the film "One Soldiers Story", which is about Sgt. Michael Ingram and the love that the Vietnam veterans had shown his family upon learning of his KIA two years ago, "One Soldiers Story" was nominated this year as well.

For anyone interest in obtaining either film, please click on "SHOP" at the top of this page, and locate the order form.

For all the Vietnam veterans out there, your time has come... Welcome Home Gentleman and Ladies, I am truly a better person after getting to know and spend so much time with so many of you.

Keith Famie
Producer/ Director