Remembrance Day at VVA Chapter 9, May 1, 2010

Brisk downpours the night before left the grounds beneath the flagpole at the Vietnam Veterans Association, Chapter 9 in Detroit a little waterlogged.  But it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the dozens of Vietnam war veterans and their family who came for a ceremony to remember the fall of Saigon in April, 1975 and to reaffirm their loyalty to the cause of freedom all over the globe.

Participants were both veterans of the US Military and representatives of Detroit’s growing Vietnamese community.  This included spokespeople and celebrants from the Vietnamese American Association of Michigan, the South Vietnamese Veterans and Former Civil Servants Association of Detroit, the Veteran Association of Vietnam Republic of Michigan and the Thu Duc Military Academy Alumni of Michigan.   Many of the South Vietnamese army personnel came in full uniform.

After rousing opening remarks by MC, Mr. Hai Truong, a commemorative wreath was laid along with a display by the Color Guard.  Both the American national anthem and the South Vietnamese national anthem were sung with Mr. Che Nguyen at the podium.

The rain held off long enough for the traditional South Vietnam flag raising ceremony, again a symbol of commitment by the men and women who fought to preserve the sanctity of a non-Communist regime in Southeast Asia.  The flag does not represent the failure of a system of government in Vietnam, but rather, it is a beacon to those left behind living in an often repressive country, that they have not been forgotten.

Inside the VVA building, new Chapter President Mark Spooner was among the speakers who remembered the valiant struggle of the past and was inspired to look toward the future.

‘VAC-USA & Vietnam Today’ was a lively speech by Vietnamese American Community president  Mr. Tan Nguyen, and Mr. Che Nguyen spoke of Religious freedom and Communist Vietnam.  Mr. Nguyen is President of the South Vietnamese Veterans and Former Civil Servants Association of Detroit.

Vietnam Que Huong Ngo Nghe was sung by all, and Thu Ha and Thu Thao sang Nguoi Di Tan Buon. 

All was captured and will form a key component of Detroit: Our Vietnam Generation.



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